What Can RGA Do For You

We are pleased to feature two gas chromatographs for your unmanned gas logging needs.  Both are reliable units that work very well with our unique and proven methods of extracting gas for your data logs.

  • The Pason Gas Analyzer and Chromatograph is a spectrometer (uses the science of spectroscopy) and optics system that measures total gas, C1-C4 (IC4 and NC4) as well as CO2.  It feature a sampling rate of less than one second allowing for a more consistent and reliable gas analysis reading compared to most gas chromatographs presently in the field.
  • The iBall Bloodhound is an IR and filament system that measures total gas, C1-C4 (IC4 and NC4) as well as CO2 and H2S.  It records detection data every 6 seconds and is very versatile working on most WITS systems and geolographs.     



  • Our gas monitoring units operate via Internet to give realtime data in browser (iBall Bloodhound: [non-lagged] and/or MainLog [lagged] format as well as Pason Data Hub for both lagged and unlagged data) viewable at your convenience from your computer(s). Browser function also available on smartphones with Internet connection.
  • Email twice daily updates in MainLog and .pdf versions.
  • WITS and geolograph compatible.
  • Records and displays a full array of gasses to include Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S, but not to replace safety devices) for the iBall Bloodhound.  The Pason Gas Analyzer does offer CO2 detection.
  • Experienced technicians on standby to respond to any issues that may occur 24/7.bloodhound large
  • Our equipment is compact and easy to place out of the way from wellsite personnel.
  • Record/log of well activity available in email and/or hardcopy format.
  • Collect samples for targeted zones and analyze the cuttings to be included in the final gas log.
  • Customizable tracks can be included to incorporate multiple data points to include CO2 and H2S.  
    • Gas Ratio Analysis tracks can highlight zones of interest to include differentiating between oil and gas zones.

A power source on the rig is necessary for equipment to function.


Because we do not have a manned team at your location, we can offer a great savings of 65% to 75% of what our competitors (traditional mud loggers) charge for day costs. This is significant as the costs of E-logs increases and maximizing your company's revenue on infield production wells saving you thousands in the process on your logging budget.  Over time, this could be a significant savings allowing you to redirect funds as needed elsewhere.