As an introduction to our product to see if it is a good fit for you, we are offering a free demo of our services. For our first job, we will rig up on an already active well and offer our tools for you to monitor your wellsite data for a day or two allowing you to make direct comparisons of the information you receive. Upon completion, you will receive a mock bill in order to view your possible savings for future jobs.


Pason and ReGAL have partnered up to offer Pason Gas Analyzer and Chromatograph customers (both in and beyond the Permian Basin) the benefits of our logging service. With the Pason customer's permission, we can access the WITS and gas information sending you twice daily updates and a final log for a very low cost for the service.

Because we do not have a manned team at your location, we can offer a great savings of 65% to 75% of what our competitors (traditional mudloggers) charge for day costs. This is significant as the costs of E-logs increases and maximizing revinue for infield production wells saving you thousands in the process.  Over the course of a year, this could accrue to well over hundreds of thousands depending of the number of wells we can do for you.

Some of the ways our customers have applied our services include:

• Gas logging the well to include lithology a few days after completion of the job.
• Gas logging the well to provide documentation of the gas curves detected.
• As a cost saving measure by logging an area where lithology is known such as a production/exploitation field.
• As a cost saving measure by logging surface to intermediate with a mudlogger coming on to complete the job after intermediate casing has been completed.
• CO2 field detection.

  • We can also provide inhouse geosteerers real-time gas readings and Gas Ratio Analysis readings to assist in horizontal drilling.

We have also been used on workover rigs and pulling stations using a geolograph.