About Us

Our company is your best source for professional, value driven, low cost wellsite service.

We take gathering your information very seriously. For the Permian Basin, we use the iBall Instruments "Bloodhound", an infrared gas chromatograph. For Pason customers, we use the Pason Gas Analyzer, a spectrometer chromatograph, which we can access from anywhere. With both systems, we have several back-ups set to procure and secure your gas analysis data.

Dr. Del Windle

del-webDr. Windle is the President and owner of RGA.  With over 40 years well site experience in geology and mud logging, Dr. Windle was instrumental in helping an unmanned gas chromatograph business break into the industry.  Dr. Windle is primarily involved in Quality Control of the data being sent to the customers as well as offering his experience in interpretation of the gas data being collected.  





Jay Leeper

Jay-webJay is the CEO and owner of RGA.  He works with customer relations and information management seeking to ensure that the customer receives excellent service as well as a quality product.  He has over 15 years experience in Technology Application from an Education aspect and has successfully found many ways to integrate the technology to the unmanned gas logging field.  





 Daniel Ordunez


Daniel is the Field Tech Supervisor for RGA.  With over 6 years as a rig site Driller and RGA Field Tech, Daniel has intimate knowledge of all the workings of a rig.  Daniel is responsible for developing the innovative gas collection process we employ on the well site.  He is also knowledgable of assessing and overseeing the initial rig up process of a rig.  Daniel's excellent interpersonal skills are key in developing excellent working relationships with well site hands and ensuring quality data is collected for the customer's needs.





Lucio Rodriguez

Lucio-webLucio is the Accounts Manager for RGA.  Lucio is dedicated to making sure the needs of the customer are met.  He is also one of the Information Techs who monitors as well as provides scheduled (and unscheduled) updates for all our customers.  Lucio is also one of the technicians who is responsible for providing quality equipment rig up.  With over 5 years well site experience as derrick hand and RGA field tech experience, his first hand experience has helped us innovate the gas collecting process to make us more effecient and effective in gathering our gas data.




Jeff Lucas

Jeff-webJeff is the primary Informational Technologist and System Analyst for RGA.  Jeff monitors the gas readings for the company and sends in many updates.  His innovations and resourcefulness has helped RGA as we approach gas logging in a new way.  With over 4 years Technology experience, he is an asset to the customer in helping the customer keep current with gas data.